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My cartoon-blog exists for several reasons.
But first and foremost, it often serves as a “go-to place” whenever
I feel the weight of the world coming down on me.
Drawing is a way of “journaling” my experiences.
The “drawing journal” isn’t a transparent process for my followers.
They see the product, and hopefully, it makes their day a little lighter.
Even though I create to satisfy a personal need, I feel creativity must also serve.
Of course, my humor is often obtuse, but I certainly don’t wish to please everybody.
But to get back to my “drawing journal.”
When I look at the media in the blog’s archives, I can often remember what my mindset was when I drew something.
That’s why I say it isn’t transparent for readers, and neither should it be— lest we easily fall into the trap of emotional manipulation.
For this blog, I wish to “journal” more traditionally.
Is that even a verb?
I’m convinced that keeping a journal of any kind can be invaluable for personal growth.
If one thing aided me in maintaining a positive attitude during the lockdown, it was my cartoon website.
Every time I felt that the “hope” had deserted me, I looked into the cartoon-archive and remembered that some of the times represented there were far worse!
How do you journal the experiences that keep you tethered in positivity?
Do you feel it’s necessary to “journal”, or do you “wing it” daily?
Please let me know how you stayed positive during this last year.
I would love to receive your inputs.

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  1. Halsdoll says:

    Laughing helps me stay sane and being in touch with my inner child. Never learn how to stop to play.

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